The Chat Recovery iBot Taps What Others Chatter From Your Computer

The Chat recovery iBoot, is one gadget moms will be glad to have. As the name suggests, this gadget can search and download all the chat logs in your computer within a few minutes. So now you will know what your children or employees are writing on chats to others.

Chat Recovery i Bot

It might seem a little sneaky, but for those who want to keep a track on their kids or untrustworthy employees, this seems like a godsend. This device looks like an ordinary Flash driver and works in the same way too. Just insert it into the regular USB port, and search the entire computer memory for the chats that have taken place on the system. Then transfer it on another computer to find whatever dirt you were looking for. The best part is that it does not leave any track. So no one would know what you were doing behind their back. Apart from the obvious use of monitoring your child’s Internet usage (it has become important, considering the kind of stuff going on the net these days), and making sure that your employees are using the company time properly, this chat recovery device could also come useful for law enforcement and investigators.

Personally, I find this a bit sneaky, and an invasion of others’ privacy, but hey, sometimes one needs to keep a track on others. And when that happens, then the Chat Recovery iBoot is at your service…and it runs for only $99.95.

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Via: Brick House Security