The Time Tuner Radio Alarm Clock

Often waking up in the morning is a difficult task for many of us, but what if we have to wake up to a different tune altogether, a tune that we like? This is what Mehmet Gozetlik from Istanbul, Turkey seems to have achieved with his Time Tuner Alarm Clock. A regular alarm clock with a whole new look and some amazingly new features thrown in, Time Tuner can be the new good thing to wake up to.

Strikingly resembling a radio, the Time Tuner’s similarity to a radio is limited on just the looks front, which could be the designer’s deliberate attempt. On the first glance Time Tuner’s looks seem the forte of the device. Long linear design along with the simple yet precisely neat markings, combine together to make one beautiful design which if kept anywhere in the house, will speak volumes about its craftsmanship.

A radio, though might be the first words that spring into your mind when you first lay your eyes on the clock, the only similarity between a radio and this clock is the ability of both the devices to play songs. Time Tuner makes every morning a bright one because it makes you wake up to your favorite song every day. And how does your favorite song land up in the clock you might wonder. The USB port which is located on the clock can be used to upload your favorite song and customize it to make it your alarm sound.

Based on the linear flow of time, the Time Tuner uses one indicator for both the minutes and hours. The hours on the clock are mentioned in numeric and whichever number glows up is the current hour. The minutes are shown in double line group one for quarters the other for ten minutes for a convenient way to read time. A gray line on the clock which is shorter than the red hour and minute line is the line which indicates the time of the alarm. The AM and PM indicators are marked separately on either side of the clock to ease the person reading the time. The control buttons to set the time for the alarm is located on the bottom and the alarm on-off button is located on the top of the device. Available in three colors Silver, White and Black, the clock uses AA batteries or can be charged though a USB cable.

As far as the looks go, Gozetlik’s design is going to have many admirers and may even be a winner hands down. The functionality of the device is also flawless, despite a few glitches, major one being getting into the habit of telling time a little differently.  Though the designer has made a very simple design with absolutely no complicated gadgetry, one has to get used to a single indicator for both hour and minute. But as one goes along and gets used to that, this little Time Tuner could kick the regular alarm clocks out of business!

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