Han Solo Carbonite Cake for the Groom

Geek games characters, themes and even situations sometimes are quite inspirational for creative souls for they are not only too unique but also can relate to reality.  Star Wars series fans know about the famous scene in which heroic Han Solo is frozen into Carbonite by evil Boba Fett and others and just before he is frozen Leia expresses her love for him. Debbiedoescakes has depicted the situation in her Han Solo Carbonite Cake. The wicked and funny part is this cake is for the groom!

hans solo carbonite cake

It is really strange that the geek games and geek tales should inspire creative and special cake designs for some of them are dark and they don’t make cake look yummy and tempting. But sometimes the whole intention is to create a funny wedding cake and elevate moods of bride and groom and all the guests. Han Solo Carbonite Cake created especially for the groom depicting frozen Han Solo will surely does tickle funny bones and seems appropriate for geeky Star Wars fan couple. On a serious note maybe it is dark humor and a subtle reminder that marriage indeed affects freedom of the individual. Needless to say it is a perfectly baked and awesome creation for a  geek wedding and doesn’t even look like edible cake.

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