Hand Made Iron Man Helmet Defines Geeky Art!

If you thought animation has taken over and sculpting and carving a things of passé, then think again, for this hand carved Iron Man helmet is surely gonna woo you.Hand Made Iron Mam Helmet Defines Geeky Art!

In reality this beauty is – as clarified by the artist himself – a part of a plan much bigger, which I guess must the Iron Man as a complete unit. But, the helmet was artistic enough to stand out as a project in itself. The helmet presented here is carved by a ‘pro’ user called Seamster, on a popular DIY and art sharing website. The head piece is completely made up of balsa, weighing just about 150 gm, which makes this thing fairly lightweight for its dimensions which account for 14.5 cm in height and about 9 cm width at the widest part of the face.

iron man carved helmet art

iron man carved helmet art 1

All in all, this crimson and gold beauty is sure to make any Iron Man fan have his feet off the ground, but, I don’t think the creator has any idea of selling this thingie any time soon. Till that time, you can keep yourself at cool with the Iron Man apparels like the Iron Man 2 T-Shirt and the War Machine cap.

iron man carved helmet art 3

Via: Instructables