Tweet or E-mail Notepads in Your Very Own Handwriting

Definitely this decade is marked as one of the most popular decade for social networking. And it wouldn’t be fair if the biggest credit for such extensive networking would not go to Twitter. So you want to find out your old school buddies, talk to your friends staying overseas, meet random people with similar interests as yours, what would be a better place to start from other than twitter? Keeping the twitter mania on, check out these adorable Paper Tweet Notepads!Tweet or E-mail on Notepads in Your Very Own Handwriting

Well, you are not a geek who sits on PC forever; you can go the old way, writing messages on sheets by using just a pen or a paper. Awesome as it seems, the notepad can accommodate almost 140 characters, with the capacity of 50 sheets. This 5.25 x 4 inches long paper tweet notepad costs just $4.49.

Tweet or E-mail on Notepads in Your Very Own Handwriting 2

Well, but you don’t get why Twitter is so hyped or you want it simple yet efficient? Then go in for a standard networking base, a Paper E-mail notepad. This notepad, 5.25 x 4 inches too provides you 50 sheets for just $4.49, an amazing way to jot down information, or receive handwritten messages just like the old traditional way, where you used to write messages with a pen and a paper!

Well, all you got to worry about is you don’t misplace any of your handwritten messages, or they could be used against you! Well, check out the twitter mania expansion with the Twitter iPhone App or Twitter Bird Cuckoo Clock.