Catch This Remote-Controlled Can If You Can!

Watching someone running around and trying to catch a chicken is so much fun but it becomes even funnier when that chicken is under your control, isn’t it? Well not a chicken though, here’s a Remote Controlled Can (RCC) that you can control, so fool people and add a pinch of fun & laughs in today’s little boring ‘life’.Internal Device of the RCC

The Remote Controlled Can concept from mintpass is a mutant of the ordinary soft drink Cans for it obviously has no liquid but has a unique device embedded inside while it  looks just the same, on the outside. The Unique device consists of a G*DRIVE SYSTEM, roller wheels, a weight which is always at the bottom, Ball Bearing System (for smooth turning) and a Guardrail System which enables movement from left to right. The lid of the Can forms the ON/OFF switch of the RCC, so it shouldn’t be taken off!

ON_OFF switch of RCC

Mechanism of RCC

The G*DRIVE SYSTEM helps the Can to turn as well as roll forward and it uses the weight of the Can to steer. For changing directions, RCC has to move in one direction i.e left or right and as the G*DRIVE SYSTEM shifts within the Can, the Can shifts direction to accommodate for the change in weight.

Transmitter and RCC Diameter

Different labels for RCC

This amazing Can comes with a transmitter of diameter same as it’s diameter and to make it more cool, cover your Can with your favorite drink label!

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