17 Geeky Toilet Designs and Concepts

While most would try to avoid the mention of the word toilet, some people do not really mind and in fact go ahead to personalize their toilets. Mostly geeks, this section of the society tries to come up with innovative ideas which would reflect their geeky passions right in the WC.

Here are some of the geekiest toilets that we could find. Each one of the toilets may disgust you, but like mentioned before many geeks like to have their bathrooms personalized according to the game they play, movie they watch or the gadget they love the most.

So have fun checking the 17 Geekiest Toilet Designs and Concepts which are a perfect fit for Geeks worldwide.

Admiral Ackbar Toilet

1 admiral-ackbar-toilet

Admiral Ackbar is an ugly character in the Star Wars franchise. Despite his ugliness, he seems to be pretty popular with geeks and thus the Admiral Ackbar Toilet looks quite crappy. Moreover, his assistant is known to say “It’s a trap” but here he says “It’s a crap”.

Fish Tank Toilet

2 Fish-Tank-Toilet

Fish are known to relax nerves and muscles and also provide companionship. the Fish Tank Toilet might sound a little bizarre but it sure adds a certain glamour to your bathroom.

Guitar Toilet

3 guitar toilet

Many people are known to sing while in the bathroom, especially if they are admonished from singing outside thanks to their rather unfortunate vocal chords. The Guitar Toilet Pot allows them to channelize their musical inspirations while in the loo.

Hi-tech Toilet Seat Cover

4 hitech toilet seat

We have all heard about the Japanese who have some of the most advanced toilets in the world. This Hi Tech Toilet Seat Cover comes with sensors that lifts, closes and opens the seat…Women would really support it.

Unisex Toilet

5 public toilet

Most toilets have the problem of bodily fluids sprayed on the seat which is very unhygienic. The Ultimate Clean Toilet is something that has been designed keeping in mind the anatomical and behavioural differences between men and women.

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Pimped-Out John

6 pimped geeky toilet

Some of the geeks also like all their gadgets fixed to their toilet. This Pimped toilet comes with a Philips 20-inch LCD TV, a Philips DVD player, Star Wars on DVD, an Xbox 360, a Gateway EMachine laptop with a robot arm, an iPod with a docking station, and a whole lot more. It may be just a Geek’s ultimate dream toilet, but then again…it all starts with a dream.

Source 1

Gotta Go Briefcase

7 suitcase toilet

On the first glace, you might mistake it to be a normal briefcase, but it serves as a portable toilet with a toilet paper dispenser as well.

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Japanese Robotic Toilet

8 robotic toilet

Like we mentioned before, Japanese are known to be the most advanced when it comes to toilets, just like any other things that is related to geeks. This robotic toilet washes the user after the business and dries as well.

Source 1

Seattle Public Toilet

9 expensive toilet

This public toilet found in Seattle was auctioned off for a price of $89,000. It comes with anti graffiti walls, impact-resistant stalls, programmed doors, faucets, dryers, soap dispensers and even a dialler for 911.

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Self Cleaning Toilets

10 naoto panasonic toilet

A Japanese designer has announced a toilet that reduces human waste and also save almost 60% of water. It is made of organic glass and is environmentally friendly.

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Toilet with Wash Basin

11 wash basin toilet

Milan designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti have joined hands with Roca and created a toilet that comes with wash basin as well.

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Giovannoni Washlet

12 toto toilet

Giovannoni Washlet has been created specially to appeal the European bathroom tastes. It comes with a self-cleaning washing wand, a heated seat, a deodorizer and remote control.

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HT4 Toilet Concept

13 handicap toilet

While there are already many kinds of toilets for the geeks, it is time to introduce a toilet that has been designed for handicapped people. It is ergonomic, and comes with many safety measures.

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Macbook Air

14 air poo

Apple fans and those who love their Macbooks would love to get the Air Poo which comes with iPod and Macbook Air dock and a heated seat.

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NoMix Toilets

15 no mix toilet

NoMix Toilets separate solid and liquid wastes, so that the liquids can be recycled and used to flush the solids. It has been adopted in 7 European countries.

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Steampunk Toilet

16 steampunk toilet

Brass, bronze, iron rivets and aged wood bring back the memories of the Victorian age. This Steampunk Toilet harks back to that era.

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Multitasker Toilet

17 multitasking toilet

On a final note, you could see that geeks tend to stick to their computers and gadgets no matter what they are doing. This guy seems to be just one example! While it is not bad to multitask, Multitasker Toilet might be taking things too far, and I am sure no one would want to use that computer ever.

It may sound funny and ridiculous to think that geeks can go to such lengths to turn everything around them geeky. However, it is good that certain sections of the society feel so strongly about electronic goods and technology, that they would not leave any stone left unturned in their quest to create a geeky and wired world. If you are one among them, go ahead and get a toilet like this!