Cool Bamboo Themed Gadgets For Eco-Friendly Geeks

In this modern world, electronic waste is increasing alarmingly leading to many severe problems. For reducing it to some extent, here are some few Eco-friendly bamboo themed personal gadgets by David Turpin that would definitely stun you with it’s bio-degradable body and design.Bamboo Calculator

The Bamboo Calculator is just like an ordinary calculator but with a unique design. It has a square shape, having a black glossy body with bamboo surrounding it. Having 25 circular keys and a digital display, this geeky calculator works with great efficiency.

Bamboo Mp3 Player

The Bamboo Mp3 player is similar to the bamboo calculator in terms of it’s style,structure and shape but it has a display in front and it’s controls  comprising of 4 keys i.e plus/minus keys for adjusting volume and forward/backward keys for selecting the desired track are present on it’s top.

Bamboo Radio

The Bamboo Radio has a white cylindrical body with a bamboo covering outside and it has been provided with a little antenna, in-built speaker along with tuning and volume controls on it’s top.

Bamboo Calender & clock

Last in this cool list is the Bamboo Calendar and Clock, which has a rectangular shape and a black body with bamboo covering. The calendar is placed on the right while the clock (both analog and digital) is on the left. The current day and date gets high-lighted thus letting us know about it.

Being bio-degradable and fully functional, these gadgets definitely top a green geek’s wish-list!

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