Marquis Keyboard Mod: Even Alexander Wants This Royal Keyboard!

We at walyou have brought to you many computer keyboards designs of different type with variety of purposes. Some are sleek, slim and stylish while others are hefty and robust. But this one is different from all of them that you have seen here or anywhere else. In fact, this is the most royal stuff you could attach to your PC. Believe us, you will feel honored to own this.

So, what is this which we are so excited about? Lets find out.

Well, the moment belongs to the keyboard that looks so elegant and boasts of royalty unseen in any other computer equipment we have seen thus far. It is capable of outshining every beloved royal possessions you got in your ‘Home Sweet Home’ and in neighborhood. Even Alexander would miss the technology if he sees this one from heaven. Ha!

marquis keyboard

Known as “The Marquis” Keyboard, it takes pride in shining extravagantly with its components that seem to be a mixture of copper with some gold polishing. The design is inspired from a chaise-lounge and it embraces a rich acanthus-leaf engraving on polishing brass.

The keys of this keyboard strikes the most and their presence is felt throughout while you got this masterpiece in view. The keys are made of mirrored gold acrylic on which is engraved letters/numbers/symbols/etc as found on your keyboard. Yup! numbers are easy to read and identify but alphabets give hard time recognizing. BTW, who would actually use it in daily life and cause the degradation that would be most unbearable thing to a geek, oh! the royal one.

marquis keyboard keys

marquis keyboard FULL view

marquis keyboard numpad

Surely it’s hard to describe the beauty and elegance of this keyboard and that’s why we brought you some pics that try to behold the charisma of the greatest customization of the keyboard. And if even that does not satisfy your hunger for more, catch the keyboard in Video.

Elegant marquis keyboard

Did I tell you, it’s available for sale? Well, actually yes, you would have to guide yourselves through the auction process to become the proud owner of this device/artistic piece. As of now, I just checked in and was shocked to see the latest bid price at $1500. Next bid demands $1525 and now you know whether it’s worthwhile or not. Further, you have limited time to save enough money since sale closes down on 3rd July. Help yourself with that, please!

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