Vacuum Fluorescent Display Alarm Clocks Make Mornings Brighter

The alarm clock rings like a church bell at mass forcing your hand to come out of a warm, comfy blanket and snooze the alarm. You pull yourself up and rub your sleepy eyes as they adjust to a brand new day. The first thing that comes into sight is probably your square, monotone-colored alarm clock at your bedside. You wish there were something a little more cheerful to look at first thing in the morning.

Departmental alarm clocks are sturdy, safe, display the correct time, and dutifully wake you up in the morning. They are also plain and very boring. However, to increase the visual appeal of your morning routine, Turbo Hobby has designed a range of VFD tube clocks for your viewing pleasure. VFD is short for Vacuum Fluorescent Display, and is seen on appliances such as the microwave, old school VHS players, and car stereos. A VFD is made up of filaments and anodes enclosed by a glass covering that maintains a high vacuum condition.

The VFD tube clock range by Turbo Hobby shares a similar aesthetic principle of regular VFDs. The tube clocks emit a vivid, clear light set against a high contrast background (black). This distinct light emitted by the VFD clock instantly catches your attention and holds it, like a moth drawn to a flame.

The tube clock comes in two models: Single digit VFD and Single digit SZ-8 Nixie. Single digit VFD has a black, rectangular base that contains the power source of the clock. The base is minimalistic in design with square holes serving as its basic motif. A chalk white circle is inscribed below the tube clock.

The tube clock is made up of square chip VFD display enclosed in a melted glass tube. When the clock is turned on, it emits an eye-pleasing cyan colored light.

The Single digit VFD has a top view (YS30) and an end view (YS18). Opposite to the VFD is the SZ-8 Nixie. The Nixie has a processor chip inspired base: green in color with a multitude of connections. If the VFD was clear and minimalistic, the Nixie is detailed with a lot of design work. Nixie’s clock display is made up of a circular wire mesh enclosed in a circular glass tube. The single digit clock lights up in a distinct orange tone when powered on.

The VFD tube clocks offer a break from the boring alarm clocks with its delightful visual appeal and new age design.

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