The Mouth Watering Retro TV Dinner and Sushi Bento Box iPhone Covers

The recent trend in iPhone cases has shown a diversity of tv dinners and though they may appear to be a little odd for the common man, for us geeks they’re totally awesome! This statement can be further proved by these amazingly cool Retro TV Dinner and Sushi Bento Box iPhone cases.

The Mouth Watering Retro TV Dinner case 2

The Retro Dinner and Sushi Bento Box themed iPhone cases designed by coolbeans717 have been artistically made and are all set to make your geeky self drool with their amazing illustrations on genuine leather.

So now you can keep scratches and marks off your iPhones, iTouch and other similar-sized electronic gadgets and cell phones with your favorite geeky TV dinners. The brilliant full colored images on the cases are printed in the front and on the back and are bonded to materials, creating a matte finish exterior and your gadget is protected and kept safe by the scratch free felt on the insides.

The Mouth Watering Retro TV Dinner case

The awesome TV Retro dinner serves you turkey deliciously and looks realistic with the 3 section geeky retro dinner aluminum foil packaging, while the bento box will make your mouth water with its delicious mounds of rice topped with delicious shrimp, salmon and a variety of other sea foods.

So if you’re a foodie or just mind blown by the new geeky trend of tv dinner prints, then you can get your very own Retro TV Dinner or Sushi Bento Box iPhone cases by shelling out $20 on Cool Bean 717’s shop on Etsy.

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