A Rocking Home Décor Inspired by Musical Elements

A coffee table shaped like a guitar, a bookshelf that resembles a smashed guitar, a wall hanger that looks like an equalizer, LP coasters, and no, this writer is not infected with a musical malady of any kind. In fact, the guitar and audio deck inspired furniture is the brainwave of two young Italian designers.

The two designers have teamed up and formed RocketDesign, a design studio that models home décor inspired by musical elements. The 70s and 80s were the golden age of rock and roll and pop music respectively. If the 70s were all about free spirit and six strings, the 80s saw the birth of MTV generation, and the now endangered audio deck.

The guys behind RocketDesign, who probably grew up during the late 70s and early 80s, have channeled their passion for rock ‘n’ roll and audio decks to design funky furniture that makes a bold décor statement.

Take the smashed guitar bookstand for instance: it has rock star written all over it. The stand is shaped like a halved electric guitar and can be attached to a wall. Nothing epitomizes rock ‘n’ roll like an electric guitar smashed out of reckoning by a rock star.

Sporting the smashed guitar book stand will speak volumes of your rock star attitude. The guitar silhouette coffee table on the other hand has a smooth and psychedelic aesthetic to it. It has a rich red Plexiglas tabletop supported by a steel gray aluminum legs; perfect to hold your mug of coffee as you listen to some vintage rock ‘n’ roll music.

Before the internet, music piracy, and mp3 revolution, music had to be purchased in the form of CDs or audio tapes, and the purchased music was played back on your personal analogue stereo. You would even tweak the equalizer of your sound system for maximum bass and treble.

RockDesign has modeled a wall hanger for clothes that resembles the equalizer of audio systems past. The wall hanger combines 2D and 3D elements to add spunk and dynamism to the flat surface of your wall.

There was a time when LPs were the primary release format for recorded music. Nowadays the LP is largely relegated to niche markets. RockDesign decided to pay homage to the revered LP by creating little vinyl-shaped coasters. These coasters will keep you (and your drink) company as you indulge in some rock music.

If you are looking to add some rock star spunk to your home décor then RocketDesign is your destination.

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