Firefox Home, an iPhone App to Access Firefox Data: App Pending

Like iPhone is popular and most used smart phone around the world, Firefox hold the same position when it comes to web browsers. We know Android is doing great by selling as many as 160,000 devices daily and Chrome is giving a hard time to Firefox, but as of know, Apple’s iPhone and Mozilla’s Firefox are at helm when it comes to popularity or say, Usage.

So, what about mingling them together…. hmm? Like, you get all that on iPhone what you left on Firefox. Yes, Mozilla seems to be working on that and has submitted an iPhone application — named as  Firefox Home — for approval at Apple’s App Store. Yes we know the procedure is rigorous, strict, confidential, uncalled for (as many feels), lacks freedom… blah blah! but it’s mandatory, and we will have to wait for Steve Job’s friends to approve it.

Firefox Home Screen Shots

Wondering how would that help you? Well, in simple words, it lets you resume your Firefox surfing right on your iPhone, through the cloud.

Your Firefox history, bookmarks and most used pages are available straight away to you on your iPhone, on the go. It’s purely resuming on iPhone what you left on browser. All your bookmarks are available to you upfront, no need to memorize or copy/paste them, or even email them for ready reference.

Here is what you need to make it work, apart from owning an iPhone and using Firefox: Just one Addon on firefox, called as Firefox Sync. It stores all your private data on browser to your Firefox account, to be ready to be synced with Firefox Home on application, provided the latter gets approved.

Firefox Home will not cost you a penny, it will be free. Once you have your bookmarks on iPhone, you can view them in Firefox Home or use iPhone’s native Safari browser. you can also email them directly from the app. Okay… We know you would also want integration with Opera — a great and an awesome browser when it comes to ease and speed — but we don’t know yet whether direct support (one click option) will be available in the app. It seems very unlikely.

That apart, more cool stuff on browser can be found in, BuddyFox, that lets you integrate your social world easily, or the Google Analytics Opt-Out Addon, to further respect your privacy.

Via Mozilla Blog