Top 19 Geeky Mousepad Designs

It is the fact that since the start of the computer age, mouse pads have not been given the respect and attention that they deserve. Many of us look down on them as some unnecessary square piece of so-called computer accessory that does nothing but acts like a dumb assistant to its boss – mouse. Some also treat it like a human vestigial organ, which they can very well do away with, and still carry on with their work without any hassle, hurting that poor thing. The technological advancement of the conventional computer mouse that transformed it into an independent ‘no-assistance-required’ optical mouse, completely smashed the market value of mouse pads and took them to ‘failure’ class from their already worthless ‘underdog’ status. This was until people confronted with a glitch while operating their optical mouse and realized that a conventional mouse cannot perform efficiently without its mouse pad, just like a real mouse cannot do away with cheese. Mousepads are back in the game!

With an intention to give respect and honor that the mouse pads deserves, we have brought together some of the best looking and utilitarian mousepads to adorn your computers and laptops. Mousepads have surely come a long way from a square piece of cardboard to a super-cool and attractive computer accessory that not only beautifies your computer system but also brings a smile to your face and refreshes your mood. Gone are the days when a mousepad used to perform just one function. They have definitely shed off their conservative image to become smart, trendy, and multi-tasking. Take a look at the mouse pads mentioned below and you will understand what we are talking about. Mouse pads are not just “pads” anymore, but an essential computer accessory that not only defines your computers but also reflects what you are.

Multi-functioning USB Hub Mousepad

This Multi-functioning USB Hub Mouse pad is made to serve several purposes. The device not only acts as a mousepad but also does calculations. Moreover, it is also equipped with a USB hub. But what sets it apart from the rest of the mouse pads is its cool illuminating ability. The multi-functioning mouse pad definitely serves more than it is made for.

3-in-1 Mousepad

Have you ever wondered how would a combination of a mousepad and keyboard look like? And what if you also get an option of USB hub along with the two? This 3-in-1 Mouse pad available in the market is the accessory that will answer your question and offer all the aforementioned features.

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Finger Drum MousePad

This mousepad design is specially designed for people who love to work with music being played in the background. If you choose to go musical, the Finger Drum Mousepad is the accessory to be chosen as it is equipped with a set of keys that you could press to create music and also record the same.

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Apple shaped Mousepad

Are you an iGadget fan? Are you fed up of the conventional mousepad designs? This Apple shaped Mouse pad comes as a breather to you as it offers a soft and thick cushioned surface – giving you better control over the mouse.

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Are you confused with this black color board? Let me help you figure out what exactly this object is. Known as iMouse pad, this is the latest mouse pad concept which includes a graphic content and a slide bar, making it look similar to the apple’s iPad.

Razer Vespula Mousepad

Wouldn’t you like to have tools that enhance your gaming experience? If you are a gaming geek, you would like to win this Razer Vespula Mouse pad designed to have two different gaming-grade surfaces – one giving you speed and the other higher control.

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LED Mousepad

What you see is a bright colored device holding your mouse on it. Available in different colors, this is a new mouse pad design featuring a plastic border to display colorful lights. The LED Mousepad is the variety that could add spice to your PC.

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4 USB port illuminated Mousepad

4 USB port illuminated Mousepad is an accessory that you would love to flaunt amongst your friends. This unique device illuminates a blue light and can be charged using an AC adaptor. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Just take a look at the image and you would understand what we mean.

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Twitter and Facebook Mousepads

The rate at which we keep updating our status in the virtual world certainly speaks volumes about our addiction to the social networking websites such as twitter and facebook. In such a scenario, Twitter and Facebook Mouse pads would certainly be a must-have accessory for those people for whom social networking is a way of life.

Mini Golf Mousepads

Off lately, are you finding it difficult to give time to your hobbies due to hectic work schedules? The Mini Golf Mouse pad is the solution to your problem as it lets you enjoy the game while you are tired of slogging in the office.

USB Geek’s Mousepad

Picture this: Winter has set in and you yearn for something that would warm your hand while you use your mouse. Well, this would be now possible with the USB Geek’s Mouse pad which features a soft and spongy mouse pad in the shape of a fish and also includes a USB hub.

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Hamburger Mousepad

A variation to the former design is the Hamburger Mouse pad. With a complete new hamburger design consisting of a cover and a built-in warmer, don’t be surprised if this mouse pad whets your appetite.

Anime Girls Busty Mousepad

This Anime Girls Busted Mouse pad features anime girl who are ready for some action scene, and by action scenes we don’t mean the usual action. Take a look at the picture and you will understand what we are talking about. If not for its eye-pleasing image, then the touch of the busted mouse pad is surely going to make it a hit especially among the guys.

Upskirt Mousepad

Finding it funny? Well, Upskirt Mouse Pad has been quite popular in few parts of the world garnering all the attention of men. This mouse pad promotes the Axe Fantasy brand while also letting men discover their fantasies by putting their name underneath the skirt mouse. Don’t be surprised if it runs out of stock.

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Mousetrap Mousepad

An element of fun and creativity is always welcomed by all to avoid monotony from setting in. Similarly, this Mousetrap Mouse pad is an innovative accessory that would add excitement to your work. Just don’t let your mouse get trapped in this mousetrap mouse pad.

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Daily Mood Tracker Mousepad

Although mouse pads have become redundant these days, there are many people who are still using PCs and demand innovation in these accessories. How about Daily Mood Tracker Mousepad that tells you about your mood swings and also lets you pen down all your important events?

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Circuit Board Mousepad

Circuit Board Mousepad is another geeky pad that is developed by using a genuine recycled circuit board. The only thing you need to keep in mind while buying one is that the reflective surface of this mouse pad can be used only for roller ball mice. Don’t worry, you won’t get a shock!

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Ouija Board Mousepad

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activities? Do you want to call ghosts and talk to them? Whether you answer yes or no, you will definitely find this Ouija Board Mouse pad extremely attractive and useful. Don’t be surprised if your computer mouse starts moving on its own. Creepy but cool!

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Mousepad with Jaws

You see your mouse trapped in the jaws of a cat. Well, that’s not a real animal trying to swallow your mouse but just a Mouse pad carrying an image of jaws. Wasn’t that scary? Well, it was but surely gives you fun while working on PC.