World of Warcraft Pedal Gives You Happy Feet

As a long time casual player of World of Warcraft, I have never really gotten into the whole accessories side of the game that there must be demand for outside of my household. The Frostmourne replica, the SteelSeries Mouse, the dragon themed and lich king steins, the official and expensive World of Warcraft headsets, and now, finally the World of Warcraft foot pedal. When I first saw the announcement for this I literally laughed out loud, because it looks like something from the industrial revolution. You know the bit, seamstresses working 14 hour days at a gargantuan archaic sewing contraption working a little pedal that looked an awful lot like this one.

This pedal, however, is no joke..well it is a joke to me but what do I know. My house has more than enough buttons to cover the actions that World of Warcraft can throw at me, but some players need an edge, they need..another button they can press with their feet! I had thought the most obvious use for it would be for voice chat, but that’s what my caps lock button is for and really I don’t see any need for that to change since I’ve been using it for so long it’s burned into my hardwired brain for good. To add insult to injury, this seemingly simple pedal that adds another button to your disposal strikes me as something that would be cheap and affordable. I mean it’s a little plastic pedal with a wire, how much could it really cost to make? As with most World of Warcraft accessories, I think it’s the brand that you’re buying, not just the product. This little pedal will set you back $30.00. I guess there really is such a thing as more money than time.

Naturally, there are players out there who will buy this no matter what. I’m sure hardcore gaming girl will be first in line for a new button on her pedal. Although I have to admit ridiculously large monitor aside, she looks like she needs to chug some video game themed energy drinks. Are all “hardcore” gamers that miserable? I sure hope not!

Via: SlipperyBrick