A Coffee Machine that Sings for You

Open your eyes to a bright new day and give it a bright new start. A day started on a good note ensures a great day ahead. And this also applies to the first meal of the day. Accompany this with a cup of piping hot freshly brewed coffee and nothing could be better. But how do you get yourself that perfect cup of coffee?

The answer lies in a brewing machine. But which brewing machines do you chose? There are so many available that making a choice would be a bit difficult. How about going for one that does something beyond brewing coffee? Something that adds a jig to your gait. This is exactly what Good News Coffee Machines do. A quick look and I am sure you will not be able to resist it.

At first glance you might mistake this new coffee machine from Good News for a toy. But hold on, this little machine is into real serious business. It is this machine that will give you a piping hot cup of your first coffee for the day. And what more, it can even sing to you, thanks to the in-built radio. So what could be a better start for the day than a cup of hot coffee accompanied with music?

Simple as its looks, simple is its operation too. The one small red (in some cases white) button in the center is the on/off button. All you need to do is fill the tumbler at the back, turn on the power, insert the desired Iperespresso capsule, allow brewing and the next thing you see is hot coffee pouring into your mug.

The two glowing lights on the top also have dials around them. As the image under each one suggests, one is for setting the radio station while the other one is for volume control. The lights around these dials glow in different colors according to the function being performed. When the heating process starts the lamps glow red which turn to green when heated. In the radio mode these lamps glow blue. When both radio and coffee mode are operational the left lamp is blue while the right one is green. That is really a lot of color coding.

Not only are the lights colorful but the entire unit comes in a range of vibrant colors – blue, red, pink, yellow and many more. Choose the one that best goes with your kitchen décor and sit back to enjoy your coffee at leisure.

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Via: Furnicraft