Tetris Cake: Want a Bite or a Tetromino?

Electronic gaming monthly’s greatest game of all time, the puzzle video game using tetrominoes, Tetris, is back and this time the game is in the form of a delicious, mouth watering delight which is This Tetris cake.

Tetris Cake Want a Bite or a Tetromino

This brilliant Tetris cake looks exactly like a scene from the game, where the guy sitting up in the heavens sends the 5 free tetrominoes in random sequence for us to manipulate by rotating sideways or 90 degrees to create a horizontal line of blocks without gaps and if you’re as big a Tetris addict as I am, I bet you’re trying to figure out where the falling tetromino will fit perfectly!

This cake was baked to perfection by Martin and then color fondant was rolled and cut into these fine, half an inch squares, which form the colorful tetrominoes on the top of this masterpiece.  The fondant squares have been placed with such expertise that the Tetris addict in you will only have peace after you find a spot for the falling tetrimino at the top.

If you have a friend, wife, husband, nephew or niece, who is a Tetris addict, you could make such a cake for him or her and though it’ll eat into your time, the result will surely show in the happiness glowing on your loved one’s face.

This cake is perfect for any occasion, and any geek will be more than happy to celebrate any occasion eating into his favorite game, won’t he?

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