Dew: a Futuristic Wearable Mobile Device Concept

Given the popularity of science fiction concepts, it is hardly surprising that products with a futuristic touch are invading other areas of our life, like in Dew. Dew is a future wearable mobile device concept can be called the future of mobile phones in the world today, with its unique design and ability to project in 3-D hologram.


This mobile device concept is absolutely stunning in design. At the first glance, it resembles a sleek and stylish wrist watch.


The ball in the center acts as the main controller or in other words, functions as a mouse along with being the color changing indicator.


This mobile device is the future of all hand held mobile devices as it incorporates all the existing functions while adding some of its own too.


Using this controller, you can easily project all information that you want from your mobile device in a 3-D Hologram mode, which gives it that sci-fi effect, which I feel is the best part of this concept.


Such mobile devices ensure that you are already a part of the future, which promises to be quite thrilling.


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Via: Petitinvention