Shocking Memory Game Will Punish You For Failure

Most memory these games these days tend to want to make you feel good about your improving memory. Brain age, Brain Academy, and others take the exact opposite approach than what you’ll see from this Shocking Memory game which is a twist on the old Simon game.Rather than a “better luck next time” you’ll get an electric shock to the face (or hands, but face sounds scarier so we’ll run with it). Naturally the game is for older foolish people only (14+), since only a crazy sadistic parent would give little Timmy a memory game that zaps them.

Still the voltage can’t be cranked up very high or I’m sure the makers of the game would have been crushed with a lawsuit by now. oddly enough the game is available for purchase on Amazon. Given the niche market represented here I thought it’d be fairly inexpensive, but I was wrong. The price tag runs from $29.99 all the way up to $69.99. If I wanted to drop $70 to shock myself with electricity I can open the trunk of my car and grab the jumper cables. You know, like that guy from the recent A-team movie. Of course that might be just a smidge more dangerous…and by a smidge I mean a whole lot. But at least it’d be free.

I tried to find a pinpointed amount of voltage but no luck. Since it only takes 3 AAA batteries it can’t be all that much juice, and customer reviews from the Amazon page say it’s “enough to scare you” but hardly enough to really bring the pain. I wonder if it has a team setting, because I bet my friends would be just stupid enough to want to bust this out at our next family fun night. It would also make for a great gag gift for an older parent like an “Over the Hill” party or some such. I think the concept could be applied to a number of other games as well. Want to sacrifice your pawn in a game of lego block monster chess? Zapped. Let that goal slip by with your soccer season nike foosball table? Electrified. Oh yeah, this could be fun.

Via: Foolish Gadgets