Google adds ‘Blogger Stats’ in Blogger in Draft to Track Website and Visitor Data

You have heard of, that’s for sure. It’s very possible that you have either used it or are still using it, like most of us, who, thanks to blogger, have their first website adventures with While it’s free from Google — well, this is what that encourages us more than anything else to choose blogger over other mortal service providers — it falls short when it come to features available.

You really don’t get a whole lot of customization and tools available with your While it’s menacingly painful to be not able to have a lot of choice in theme selection and widget customizations, Non-availability of a tool to track the website data including visitor data has remained a popular topic for public outcry for blogger.

Blogger Stats

Well, Google’s been listening — as always — and has come up with a new tool dedicated to track website data for your adventure. Known as Blogger Stats, this tool is available in ‘Blogger in Drafts’. You don’t need to put in a code or anything to get this feature running, it just works by default. Head towards the Blogger in Draft and locate the Stats tab. Hit it and get all data that you wanted, in the easiest manner. Need we remind you, the ‘Blogger in Draft’ needs to be activated specifically to enjoy all great utilities it offers. BTW, Blogger Stats is not available to private blogs, as of now. With this, we are keeping our fingers crossed to see more freedom with themes too.

For those of you who were worried about its ability, Google has said that Stats will show near real-time data. Like, if a post gets hit and gets many retweets on twitter, then Blogger Stats will show your post with the twitter link with high point on the graph, in a real time. Moreover, you can find those posts easily that are getting more visits as also the sites that are directing traffic to your website.

It will also provide tools for popular search keywords, country-wise visitors and browser data, all in a graphical format that is simple and easy-to-understand.

Users can also use Google Analytics for greater variety of tools to satisfy their hunger for more, but data with Blogger stats and Google Analytics may not tally since both use different mechanisms for collection.

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Via Blogger in Draft