A Throw Note Me Pillow You Can Write On!

How many times has it happened that you thought of something in the night before going to sleep and forgot it the very next day? Well, with this Note Me pillow, I bet, such an event won’t occur again.

note me pillow

Presenting the ‘Note Me Pillow’ write on pillow from Veinticuatrodientes design studio for the lazy geek, who feels bored enough to go to the nearest table to get his notepad. Now, all he has to do note down something important is pull out the pen from the side of the pillow and pen it down on the… err, pillow. The pen, which comes with some kinda special ink which can simply be washed with water, is shipped along with the pillow. It’s not a fun stuff for just the geeks; I guess, everyone will want such a cool thing lying around their sofa, what say? The dimensions of this pillow are somewhat squarish with a side being 35 cm.

note me pillow green

note me pillow orange

Available for a price of $24 per piece, this thing sure ain’t what you call cheap, but, I guess, no one would mind burning a small hole in his pocket for such cool stuff, right? The shipment comes with pen and the removable pillow case.

note me pillow red

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note me pillow white

Via: Veintequatrodientes