The Optical Mouse With A 4D Trackball Is A Portable Wireless Wonder

I bet you must be tired of your regular mousepad design hosting your mouse, which is nothing but a tangle of wires of your slow touchpad. Well, for all you computer addicts out there, there is some hope. Introducing the stylish and sophisticated Optical Mouse with a 4D Trackball, and guess what? This is also 100% wire free!The Optical Mouse With A 4D Trackball Is A Portable Wireless Wonder.

Now this isn’t just any old mouse design which is only by gadgetry standards a must have because it also offers maximum comfort and convenience. It requires no batteries, additional software or any kind of setup but it does requires it that you plug it into your available USB cable. The distinguishing factor of this wireless masterpiece is that is comes with a unique 4D Trackball and is effective at a distance of upto 10 meters which enables a user to use it without sitting anywhere near his computer and in virtually any position whether it be sitting, standing, lying down or even in a car! This feature has additional health benefits as it offers a solution to the problem of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), protects those eyes from the harmful computer glare and reduces the risk of injury to the palm, joints and muscles which results from long-term usage thereby preventing the dreaded “Mouse Hand”. Air Mouse is one similar device.

Unlike other optical mouse on walyou like the Ceramic Passion Mouse, it’s fashionable but functional, it can also be used by both hands, it lights up like a red lamp when used, is highly accurate, sensitive, fast-tracking and comes with staggering resolution. You can have this all at just $30.93. Hurry; Buy it before it’s sold out!