Party in Your Home? Get the Bosch PowerBox 360 Boombox to Hit the Correct Beats!

What is the one thing that can just brighten up your mood, or turn you on to crave for good parties and have fun-rolling excitement? Good music? But well, success of good music also lies in the hands of its stereo output, and Bosch Power Box 360 is the real masterpiece that promises rocking beats with its system.Party in Your Home Get Bosch PowerBox 360

Guys, its time to throw away those standard square speaker boxes, especially when you something as powerful as Bosch Power Box 360 coming up your way. Definitely this one is here to fulfill your latest styling, with four 360-degree speakers’, justifying the passion for music or a movies maniac in you. The system lets you enjoy all the surround sound effects you can imagine, namely subwoofer, separate bass and treble controls, and brings the feeling of hardcore party in your home itself!

Extremely wonderfully detailed, it lets you enjoy so many features like advanced digital tuning, SD card slot, USB port for charging your cell phone, 20FM / 10 AM presets, 5 preset equalizer settings, and much more that you wouldn’t have imagined.

And don’t worry much about its maintenance, because it is made of strong aluminum and rubber roll case, with the rugged-end design along with a weather-sealed dock for your iPod, that makes it look most attractive ever, adding on an LCD display. So you don’t need to leave your work to change tracks, since you can operate easily with its remote control.

Party in Your Home Get Bosch PowerBox 360  2

And since every one is definitely passionate for some kind of music, there are some more wonderful concepts like the Rocky Sound System or the iPhone Sound Dock.

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