Magical Screen Made By 12 iPods

The smart guys of Mongoose Studio have come up with something really innovative and impressive which most of the people have only imagined but perhaps would not be able to turn into reality.

Mongoose Studio

They did something that even though looks simple, is not actually that simple. It took them 13 iPod Touch and a few technical efforts and the result is that we can see a big screen made of 12 iPod Touch lying together and displaying a movie on it. Unbelievable but true that the Mongoose Studio created a big screen by keeping 12 iPods lying and looking like a big screen where they have showcased a Walt Disney movie to the much wonder of the spectators.

Creating a big screen by keeping together a bunch of small screen can be said to be there in the nature of man. Would you not like to put all screen together in a way that it looks giant. But alas! You can only imagine the screens together as a giant screen but to an extent it is futile as making it work like a big screen is not that easy. That is what the project of the Mongoose Studio who put their best efforts to create a screen out of 12 iPod Touch possessing a screen size of 3.5 inch each.

You can check out the video release of their efforts of creating a big screen tout of the 12 iPods and that definitely is praise-worthy. That only proves the hard work and efforts put behind this project. To run and control the video and functions of the 12 iPods creating the screen, they have used another iPod Touch that delivers the commands.

If seen as a whole then they have done a magical work and the efforts are unmatchable. But still if the work is being observed closely and its good and bad things are being noticed then yes, there are blunders as well. There is no doubt about the synchronization and in fact, they have been able to raise quite many eye brows but still the work lacks perfection. They too even had something better than this in their mind which perhaps could not turn out to be the exact thing.

But all said and done, it must be admitted that the people who did it behind the name Mongoose Studio are genius and whether they split the files in the devices or it was something else, that still is a wonder.

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Via: Slashgear