The Super Mario Bros. Chess Cake

Memories associated with cakes centered around anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, or just simple delicious fun: The delicious chocolate cake you had for your tenth birthday, the white vanilla cake that was plastered over your face during your graduation party, the mellow rum and raisin cake you had on your first date over a hot cuppa coffee.

Memories associated with video games centered around boyish fun, sore thumbs, abused joysticks, and long hours spent playing them: The memory of staying up all night to finish the last level of Super Mario Bros. is still fresh.

Self-proclaimed cook and artist, Ana Fuji, has managed to combine your sumptuous cake memories, and childhood console memories, to whip up a treat that will set your tongues wagging.

Ana is the creator of a Super Mario Bros. Chess Cake that utilizes the elements from the video game for a mouth-watering chocolate cake. The Chess cake is designed like a 64-squared chessboard with the heroes of the legendary video game facing the villains. On one side you have the short, pudgy, plumber-hero Mario; his equally heroic brother Luigi, the pristine Princess Peach, the loyal Toad, and Mario’s trusted accomplice Yoshi. Gold coins are the ‘protecting’ pawns of the heroes.

Facing the heroes on this lip-smacking chessboard are villains such as the spiked Bowser, his youngest child Bowser Jr., the comic Kammy Koopa, and the witch Fawful. Evil mushrooms are the pawns on the evil side.

All the characters on the cake can be broken off and chewed on as delicious candy treats. The chessboard is made up creamy, blue and white candies bordered by thick chocolate. The whole cake comes covered in sky blue icing.

Hidden below the icing is the rich, sultry, chocolate sponge that is the heart of this sinful dessert-delicacy.

Super Mario Bros. is a celebrated video game that was the best selling video game for over two decades before being overtaken by Wii Sports. Any person who has ever laid his hands on a video game console would have played Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros. Chess Cake is a visual and gastric delight. The ‘candy’ characters are well detailed and the cake looks delicious with its colorful icing.  Bloggers are already commenting on how this is one chess game where your tongue gets to do all the work while your brain just sits back and experiences pure delight.

Believe me when I say that a Super Mario game has never tasted this good.

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Via: That’s Nerdalicious