How to Make Halo Characters Out of Lego

As the description from the original post states, both the Halo franchise and Legos are “super awesome.” Given this fact, creating your own Halo characters out of Lego seems like a natural progression of awesomeness, and you can do it with a few easy steps! This instant win combination provides easy to use instructions of putting together your favorite HALO characters like Master Chief and the covenant elites out of lego pieces.

So naturally, you’ll need some fairly basic lego pieces to get started, and just about all of the Halo games are well represented here. They even have various Elite configurations depending on the game such as the Halo: Reach Elite and the Halo 3 variation. They also have a nice looking ODST Drop Pod (Yes I still enjoyed being a puny little human, not everyone can be Master Chief, ya know?).  Of course, no Halo lego set would be complete without a nice looking (but still oh so cowardly) grunt. You better put them together in sufficient numbers though, or they might just run away. If you’re not too busy setting up epic battlefields with the standard characters, you can also put together some musical configurations too. You can have your own Halo rock band with the singing Halo Elite or the Master Chief complete with a guitar. Halo Hero, anyone? It’s still going to be awhile before we finally get HALO: Reach at our finger tips, so you may as well hunker down and start putting together some legos.

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Ewok in Disguise and Brick Arms Via: Hawty McBloggy