Audi R8 Papercraft Model Down Scaled to feature in Forza Motorsport Xbox Game

We are in awe of Audi super cars, aren’t we? While driving an Audi on our favorite real world road remains a dream for many of us (including me), we do make up for it in the video games where we take everything it got out of it. Be it sky high stunts, pole positions, hard crashes or the so -called takedowns. Ha!

We got a hot piece of Audi papercraft model for you, that you may also wish could be driven. It was made for a game series called Forza Motorsport, of the Xbox 360. We bet you have a Xbox 360 at home and is all goes well, you will soon find a driver seat in the Audi R8, to be featured in the upcoming game in the series.

Forza 3 - little Audi R8

We are talking about Audi R8 Supercraft, papercraft model made by Taras Lesko, also creator of the spectacular Freedom Gundam Papercraft, for the Forza Motorsport game series. Scaled at 1/6, this amazing papercraft will entertain you on your Xbox 360. It’s magical how a tiny car will be able to hold our breath when you get to drive it a fully tense game scenario where split second decisions change the course of the game.

Thanks to gaming technology, this small Audi R8 representative was modeled into 3d Papercraft to be used in the Xbox 360 game. We know you are so excited that you want one for yourself to be decorated in your living room, or may be, sports room. I will go with the latter option, if I get one, because I love my sports room more than anything in my house. Oh, except by bike, the Yamaha Rx 135.

Audi R8 for video game - Back View

Little Audi R8 in Real World

Audi R8 in the Living Room

We don’t whether Taras will make one for you or sell the one he has already made for Forza Motorsport game company, but you can contact him (follow link to his name above) to bring down the curiosity levels we smell from here. We wish you luck here!

Check out the car in photos. It’s simply awesome. I guess, if a guy from Kid’s Toys company happens to see this, its creator Taras, will surely bag a contract to make a car or two for the toy company. If you know one, try suggesting.

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