iPhone Death Grip Test Verifies: iPhone 4 Antenna Trouble Continue

The world of the iPhone is never away from making new headlines and this time we have a video proof of the iPhone 4 death grip and lost of reception.

For those of you seeking a demonstration, here comes a demonstration for how to use iPhone 4 antenna. This new video will tell you that the iPhone antenna issue is not an outcome of Apple’s miscalculation of how many bars are getting displayed. Moreover, an additional video is included below that shows the same test being done with an iPhone 3GS, but the results differ.

This newly launched iPhone by Apple displays the raw signal strength along with the number of bars and the graded signal strength. This application has been tested by Erica Sadun and shows the “Kung Fu grip of doom” results in a signal strength dropping to zero. Erica has explained that this new application is such that if you will remove your hand from the antenna, the gap will bring the signal strength back to the normal.

Erica’s test revealed that this new death grip signal helps killing signal integrity even with the Apple iPhone Bumper. You may not know but marginal signal areas are usually affected by antenna signal attenuation. Earlier, there were many controversies on iPhone 4 death grip but now the video proof on NBC’s Today Show has publicized the issue worldwide.

If you will watch the video for iPhone 4 death grip, you will see the graphics are really easy to understand.

The main purpose to release this video evidence was to show that the iPhone 4 death grip is very real. The video demonstrates a customized field and iPhone antenna problem. It seems, Apple has developed a habit of putting all the controversies at bay with video proofs and this latest video evidence of the iPhone 4 death grip is one such attempt.

It was believed that Apple iPhone Bumper provides a cushion, but this test by Erica has revealed that iPhone 4 death grip has the capability to kill the signal integrity even if you have bumper installed on your iPhone. Thanks to YouTube for displaying this video evidence of the iPhone 4 death grip issue to all those interested in knowing about this application with such an ease.

The video proof of the iPhone 4 death grip is only 1 minute and 43 seconds long and will give you a clear idea of how this application is used.

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Via: Tuaw