Ultimate LCD Pinball Machine: Now Choose Your Own Table

I guess the excitement for enjoying any arcade game now lies in the newer twists and turns in the old standard game, or better modernization in the gaming machine. Well, standard looks get too monotonous, especially with newer concepts I see coming out almost every day with every single gadget, but what really caught my eye last week the awesome little LCD screen Pinball Machine, with a hint of football inspired theme.

Pinball has definitely been one of everyone’s favorite arcade games, but I am sure it faces tuff competition with other mind-blowing arcade games in the race for holding on its fan base. So to make pinball the most exciting ever once again, and to bring out the old passion for it, that once used to flow when the game was invented, this game comes with a funky LCD screen that’s used as a playfield. Dont you think it is more exciting than out Lego Pinball Machine.

Designed by Nike store in Spain, the machine was created for the ‘Write the Future’ campaign for the World Cup. Fifa mania has definitely not let any part untouched with its on-going craze, seeing a soccer ball styled pinball that’s also added on with the virtual Nike shoes as flippers that are controlled with real buttons to spell bound every player!

Well, this awesome charm is just in display at the Nike store, so you’d really have to wait if you wish this theme is transformed into a real game for all to play. Till then, you could enjoy the 24 Geeky Tabletop games, the awesome Lego Pinball Mod or the Nike Foosball Table.

lcd pinball machine arcade game image

via: gadget-venue