Wear A Phone On Your Wrist With The Endurance Watchphone

People who love and appreciate new technologies will surely be glad to have a look at and in fact, use the Endurance watchphone, a phone that you can wear as a wrist watch and can just use like any other hi-tech handset.

Endurance Watchphone

The features integrated in this mobile phone watch alone are enough to let one get convinced about its perfection. It comprises of a very sensitive 1.5 inch touchscreen with color, in-built Bluetooth and 2 GB of internal memory, MP3/MP4 media player and just lots other lucrative specifications. These are just a few and the good things to name about this mobile phone watch are lot many and still it costs an amount as low as $97.78.

Before moving on to anything else, you must know the thing that can pull one’s attention all of a sudden towards it and this is its lightest weight. It may be beyond your imagination but very true that the Endurance watchphone has been manufactured with a weight of 2.7 ounces only and that is many times lighter than others! Right after that the second striking factor about this amazing gadget is that it can be worn by anybody with any wrist size! Yes, and that has been possible all because of the use of the soft rubber wrist strap that gets stretched to any wrist size. So, that means, no need to adjust the wrist strap and, that means another advantage as well. As the strap is of rubber, it does not gets slipped form hand and is perfect for all sorts of adventurous activities.

A sportsman, a person getting ready for a day full of adventures or anybody is a perfect person to wear the Endurance watchphone. The great benefit that this mobile phone watch can facilitate one with is that it frees the person form holding it in his hands or from carrying into pocket. Simply wear it and get set go.

If spoken about the technical specifications of this watch phone then one will definitely not have to get bored of using it. There is in fact, quad band GSM connectivity too which ensures easy compatibility with any GSM phone service provider. If that at a point of time brings monotony, then there is MP3/MP4 player for you in this gadget that you can tune in to listen to any song of your choice. For storing unlimited song it has a 2GB internal space after all and another thing is that 2G and 2.5G, all types of SIM cards can be inserted in this phone. It is good enough to have a phone chat of 3 long hours as well. That definitely makes the Endurance watchphone a true champ!!

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