Who Ate My Mac? Classy iPad Vinyl Sticker

Nowadays, with everyone adorning their beloved gadgets with stickers and loads of other accessories you appear too uninteresting if your gadget is too plain. So to bring out your creative side here is the super cool iPad- Who Ate My Mac? Vinyl Sticker.Who Ate My Mac

This Vinyl Sticker by The Crazy Rabbit has been brilliantly designed to show the logo of Apple Inc. being devoured. The actual logo of Apple Inc. which features an apple with a bite taken of it, has been brilliantly parodied by The Crazy Rabbit with his comical take on it with the Who Ate My Mac? Vinyl Sticker.

The sticker shows the stages in which that guy, who had initially only taken a bite of the apple logo, devours it completely. So now we have the never seen before whole apple, which is closely followed by an apple with a larger bite than usual, which in turn is followed by just the core of the apple and then just the leaves. That guy seemed to be hungrier than usual after all these years!

Who Ate My Mac 2

This awesome vinyl sticker is black and white, double-layered and fits brilliantly on the iPad. So get it, stick it and show your humorous side to all your fellow geek mates.

This Who Ate My Mac comical sticker is an attention grasper and is available on Etsy for a mere $9. There is also a MacBook version of this design available. So get it, stick it and show it off!

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