HTC 1 Smartphone Touchscreen Concept is Mind Blowing

There are certain things which truly exhibit a perfect blend of sophistication and elegance and one such gadget is HTC 1 Smartphone Touchscreen Concept.

Andrew Kim is the mind behind this amazing concept phone and I wish that it turns out to be a reality. I am a big fan of HTC and just when I saw this phone, I thought of selling my old HTC model, and buy it whenever it comes for sale. The HTC 1 bears a candy bar design with sexy red and blue circles, one on the top and other at the bottom. May be one is a scroll bar and the other indicator light, but, whatever it is, it looks cool.

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone concept 2

This concept has been designed keeping in mind various objectives which are indeed intended to overcome the shortcomings in the current models. It incorporates aluminum body enhanced by premium design to deliver high performance. The current models lack the concord between UI and Hardware, but this concept model is designed to overcome that as well.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen design 2

I must point out that the polished look of this HTC 1 is due to machined brass with silver finish which makes it look awesome irrespective of the age. Its smooth and indestructible body protects its delicate internal parts.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen concept 2

I just saw that it also has an integrated kick stand which merges in the look of the model when the phone is not in use and this is a SURPRISE for sure.

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone design 1

And I know you would also like me won’t believe until you see yourself that the stand can help you make your phone a mini alarm clock with digital display.

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone concept 1

One can see the speaker placed ideally at the top of the phone just adjacent to the lock/power button while you can see the volume buttons at the side panel. They are so nicely placed that they just look like the design on the side panel instead of the buttons.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen design 1

If you are a music buff, you gonna for sure like this feature of the HTC 1 and it is dual speakers. Unlike most of the phones which have just one speaker, HTC 1 is provided with two speakers and the reason is that the designer understands we have two ears.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen concept 1

The HTC 1 derives sturdiness from the main frame built into the top cover. The front and the back panel enclose around the main frame of the phone to create a unified design.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen design

The User Interface is also kept minimal and it showcases full screen widgets to deliver an unparalleled experience. I think this feature would be a boon for people like my father who always say.. “Can’t the numbers or icons appear a bit bigger?” as he faces trouble in seeing and he always say no to spectacles.

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone design

You can get an easy access to the news and social networking websites at the touch of these icons which are easily recognizable for their size.

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone concept

htc 1 touchscreen smartphone design 2

If you say that an Andro phone lacks musical excellence then be happy to know that this one has a simple UI and easily accessible music player along with double speakers for an enriched experience. What…Are you too a messaging freak like me…and if the answer is yea, then HTC 1 integrates SMS, MSN, AIM, Facebook and other messaging services into single stream.

htc 1 smartphone touchscreen concept

Last and not the least, this concept model is very safe for use as it kills the microbes that stick on it due to constant contact with face and hands by UV light that flashes when it is put to charging.

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