If Batman Played Golf, He Would Drive This Tumbler Golf Cart

Even superheroes need to relax sometimes, and what better way to do it than a nice calm day on the course, cursing at every slice into the woods and smashing your titanium clubs into the groudn in frustration? Of course as a superhero you’ll need some protection too, and that’s where the Batman Tumbler golf cart comes in, looking like someone took the real deal from the movie and squished into a compact little golfing vehicle.

Of course this little guy won’t be seeing much time out on the course, it’s actually used for transportation alone on a movie studio. It was originally thought to be Christopher  Nolan’s vehicle of choice to go from set to set,  but he doesn’t actually own or even use the cart. If you’re not familiar with the guy, check out IMDB for his profile or just pop the upcoming trailer for Inception starrting Leonardo DiCaprio. Now the fact that it has old Leo aside, any movie about professional dream hunters immediately has my interest, and if it’s good enough, I can forgive him for putting that pretty boy in the lead role (much like I did for Man in the Iron Mask). Instead little pice of awesomness was just created by a “blizzard superfan” who works at the studio and also has a tremendous amount of time on his hands.

Now if you’re not aware, golf carts are actually used commonly on Holywood sets in order to get from stage to stage or just around the studio, but this baby moves in style. It even features some great sound effects from the “real” tumbler in the movie, although still no word on whether the afterburner in the back is fully functional.  If it’s suppoed to be a replica of the real thing why not, I say, safety concerns be damned. Plus it’ll make a nice addition to the many epic remakes of the Batman vehicles, if a bit unconventional.

Via: Slash Film