Download Flash on Your iPad with Just A Few Easy Steps

I am totally habituated by looking out for the news everyday related to the latest applications fed into the iPad, seeing its gaining popularity and its awesomeness. So Apple may not like it, but a form of Flash, which is now tagged as “Frash”, can be installed on your iPad, but you’d really have to wait for some time till the software is revealed in a total stable form. Till then, go ahead and enjoy the limited functions of this exciting Frash.

Note: Any hacking, jailbreaking and installation on your iPad or iPhone is your own responsibility. Further links and info are provided accordingly.

Download Flash on Your IPad with Just A Few Easy Steps

All you need to do Firstly is ensure the iPad is jailbroken, which can easily be achieved using Comex’s tool ‘Spirit’ jailbreak. And with a few easy steps, ‘Frash’ will ‘flash’ on your iPad!  Download Frash.deb, and if you’re lucky enough to have Mac, then you can download with just a click on Finder’s sharing list through Netatalk.

But well, if you’re using Windows, use iClarified, then go to OpenSSH installed with WinSCP and login with ‘root’ and password ‘alpine’ to get through to /var/root/Media/ . Create a folder ‘Cydia’ in media, and create another folder ‘Autoinstall’ in Cydia, where you’d have to upload ‘Frash’. Once you done uploading Frash in Autoinstall, to use it efficiently, you might need to restart you iPad several times.

Download Flash on Your IPad with Just A Few Easy Steps 2As you know that this software is yet totally new, and is in progress, you might not be able to access flash’s features totally, but well, have super fun playing while this application hits with the bang in full form very soon. Well, definitely Apple hasn’t officially allowed uploading this software, so if you’re ready to take risks or risk your warranty, only then should you consider using this application as of now.

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