Gmail Launches Rich Text Signatures Feature

Gmail has been evolving over the years and has tried to make emailing a very personalized experience.  In response to the growing demand for need of rich text editor in the signature section Gmail has finally incorporated the feature. One can write unique rich text signature within Gmail and customize it according to one’s personal and business needs.  Beauty of rich text editor is that one can format, add links and images and create a stylish signature that reflects your personality.

To access this feature just sign in to your account and click on Settings and scroll down to signature section and you will see rich text editor box to help you sign off your emails in your own way. Apart from formatting, adding links, changing fonts and colors, adding images one can even create different signatures for your own other associated email addresses. Isn’t it awesome? You can make use of different Gmail address for different purpose and give it distinct identity by using a different signature. Thus rich text signature feature truly enables creation of different virtual alters and multiple identities for personal and business use.

gmail rich text signature2

One really hopes this feature becomes popular and each email that we receive is signed in different styles reflecting creativity of the sender.  Meanwhile kudos to Gmail for constantly innovating and remaining ahead of rest others by trying to introduce File Transfers in Gmail Chat and floating Google Buzz recently.

Via Gmail Blog