Create Your Own Nintendo 3DS! (Out of Paper)

I know, you probably felt a little misled as you scanned the title, coming across “create your own 3DS!” with a hint of excitement and skepticism. I do hate to burst your bubble, but while it won’t be able to play games, this paper 3DS is still pretty damn cool, won’t cost you anything, looks a whole lot like the original, and will definitely outlast a real 3DS in terms of battery power.

As I stated, it’s free, and Phillip Stollenmayer was nice enough to post a full template that is available for you to download over at Fileplanet with a few thousand others who thought it was cool enough to check out. Paper creations aren’t exactly a unique invention here at Walyou. We’ve seen our fair share of innovations like the function and form Origami Sticky Notes (would be great at the office! I don’t really have an office so much as a desk, though, who who I show at my water cooler?) as well as an iPhone TV.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the amount of detail some of these creators manage to put together with just paper. Looking at the picture I’d probably be just foolish enough to mistake it for the real thing, but then I’m a pretty gullible guy. There also won’t be any goofy glasses to go along with it, and it’s probably safe to give to your children under the age of seven, unlike the real deal. Then again if I gave my brother’s 6 year old son a DS made of paper he’d probably call me a fraud and kick me in the shin, like in that episode of family guy where that stranger follows Peter around yelling “This guy’s a great big phoney!” On second though, maybe you should just keep it for yourself after all.

Via: Tiny Cartridge