Optical Illusion Hinge X-Tape Adds Fun Element to Regular Packing Tape

Imagine receiving a surprise gift package which contains a carton sealed with many hinges and screws instead of usual transparent or colored duct or scotch tapes and you look closer only to realize that the hinges are part of the design on the tape! A simple design like this Hinge X-tape can lift spirits and add fun element to boring transparent sealing tapes. It creates an awesome optical illusion which deceives everyone at first glance and who knows it may even deter petty curious thieves among package handlers from trying to open it.

hinge x-tape1

Optical Illusion Hinge X-Tape has been designed by Hyoungmin Park and Jeongmin Lee. It is not very easy to give an interesting makeover to regular use item like cello tapes or duct tapes. The very thought of adding interesting design to tapes is in itself very thoughtful because we generally over look our daily need stuff.

hinge x-tape2

Secondly designers could have opted for floral or animated popular characters but this hinge design is very creative and relevant because it enhances the functionality of the sealing tape through an illusion.

hinge x-tape3

It is ideal stuff for playing harmless pranks on colleagues and friends on April Fool’s Day. There are no details about this product but one can contact the product designers for details.

hinge x-tape4

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Via Optical Ilusion 360