Gold iPad SUPREME Edition Will Force You To Become Spoilt

Luxury and technology, if one is willing to have a look at the combination of both then there will perhaps be no better instance than the solid Gold iPad SUPREME Edition, a concept and design of Katherine Hughes.

Gold ipad SUPREME Edition

We have seen iPhone and many other phones in gold, platinum or diamond editions, well; this is the time to give your iPad a luxury look. Gold iPad SUPREME Edition is the first iPad ever in this world that has been made of solid gold and diamond and yes, the very first look of it can take anyone’s heart away. The 53 sparkling gems that are designed in the 22ct Apple logo and the beautiful screen of the iPad surrounded by 22ct single piece gold makes the whole thing just an outstanding piece of work. Sounds really heavy for one to carry and afford isn’t it. Yes, it weighs 2,100 grams and costs £129,995.00 and it is up to the buyer now as to what he finds heavier, its weight or its cost.

If you have any doubt on the purity of the metals used, then I must tell you that there are other metals that have been mixed with the gold so that it could be used in the iPad. As pure gold is too soft in nature, it would have not been possible to use it. So, some other metals like palladium, silver, zinc and copper are mixed with gold and the final output is produced. Of the gold portion 75% is pure gold and 25% is other material. Other than that nothing else is mixed and to assure the purity of the metals, these are tagged with hallmarks.

Gold ipad SUPREME Edition2

The diamonds used in the iPad too are of great quality and are stunningly beautiful. These are handpicked and thoroughly observed before getting fixed in the iPad and these are certified to prove its purity. If one has found the gold iPad to be the most beautiful piece of gadgets on this earth after having a look at its description and images then s/he better not do any more delay in getting it. This is because there are only 10 units of it that has been manufactured and at anytime anybody can get his hands on it.

Among the nameable technical features of the Gold iPad from Stuart & Hughes: its Wi-Fi & 3G services and 64GB version as already known. But who would be interested in knowing its technical specifications after being stricken by its amazingly catchy look! This iPad made of solid gold definitely is the best creation ever in the series of iPads and undoubtedly, gold and diamond together have done the job.