Zombie Wedding Cake: Bride and Groom Together Till the End

I actually only recently started playing the first of two Left 4 Dead games, and as such I have some extra appreciation for this Zombie Wedding Cake, which shows us that love can transcend the zombie apocalypse. If nothing else it’d be worth it to see the look on your family’s face when you bust this treasure our during the reception. I don’t think “awkward” would quite cover it, and it’d be fun just to go around asking everyone’s opinion, although you’re sure to get a lot of “it’s different” and “interesting.” I’m sure their wedding vows will have to include “and I promise to love you, hold you, and blow you away with a 12 gauge if you become one of the infected.” It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Now I’m more of a shotgun guy myself when it comes to fighting off the infected, but there is something to be said for the use of chainsaws as well, especially if they’re physically attached to your arm Bruce Campbell style. The cake must have struck a chord with zombie fans as there’s currently almost 500 notes on the picture and a stream of “random person liked this” messages. Not that I blame them, although I’d love to see how this cake was put together piece by piece and how hard it was to get zombie wedding guests and bride and groom figures utilizing bloddied chainsaws. I don’t think I could have convinced my wife to go for this, she’s just not quite that geeky, but props to the guy who managed to pull it off!

Now we’ve seen some cool zombie cakes before, much akin to this left 4 dead zombie cake, but the wedding aspect of it makes it extra special. I think to top it off they should setup some plants vs zombies lawn decor outside the reception. I mean you’re already going with a geeky zombie theme, why not go big or go home? Of course your Aunt Marcy might not get the reference, but in that case they can double just as cute little plant creatures, too.

Via: Mike Mitchell