The Luke Skywalker – Wampa Gory Cake is Too Bloody to Eat

Cakes are usually associated with images of frosty icing, layered baked flour, candy decorations, mouth-watering fillings such as chocolate or fruit extracts, and candles or a congratulatory message. Blood and gore are the last things on your mind when you tuck into a delicious piece of cake.

In your opinion, blood and gore are best reserved for celluloid or late night television. We have a cake that is filled with blood and gore that does not have a stomach churning effect; instead, it will instantly tickle your taste buds. “Blood and gore tickle our taste buds…can this even be true…?”

Yes, it very well can be when the blood and gore on the cake is actually strawberry flavored glass noodles. The blood and gore looks so delicious on the white icing that you may be tempted to go straight for it, rather than the cake itself.

Let us remind you that the cake is equally interesting and innovative as the strawberry noodle gore. The cake depicts a dramatic and bloody moment from the celebrated sequel, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker and his Tauntaun are ambushed by a Snow Wampa in a cave. Luke hangs, helplessly, upside down as the Wampa feasts on the Tauntaun. Next, it will be Luke’s turn to become Wampa fodder. This scene is brought to life on the cake with artistic precision.

As the scene is set in the cave of a Snow Wampa, crystal white icing neatly covers the cake. The Wampa, Tauntaun and Luke Skywalker have been modeled using sugary, white frosting. The supports on which Luke hangs upside down was made using drinking straws and bamboo skewers covered in rich, thick icing.

When we say that the cake has been made with artistic precision, we are talking about the attention to detail paid to the characters on the cake. The Wampa has black claws on its white arms and legs, and black rounded horns on its head. The Tauntaun has a dirty grey look to it with one shredded leg, which the Wampa feasts on. Luke Skywalker wears a white coat with a brown jacket, and also wears a helpless look on his face. We have already talked about the ‘authentic looking’ blood and gore on the cake.

The Star Wars Wampa Cake with Extra Gore was made by a mom to celebrate her son’s eighth birthday. The cake, like the party, was a ‘bloody’ hit, but too ‘bloody’ to eat for a few kids.

I am sure nobody would say ‘no’ to this cake when it comes to its taste. With your mouth already watering, make sure you also check out Super Marios Bros. Chess Cake and Tetris Cake.

Via: Thatsnerdalicious