Consolor Portable Console Design For High-End Gaming

The recently introduced Consolor Portable Console design created by Joseph Dumary has been able to create quite good response and anxiety among people.


Why will it not be able to do so; after all, its features and capacities alone are enough to make it good to buy and in addition to that the easy portability of this console is more like an icing on the cake! The user can carry this HD console in his pocket only and can fully enjoy its multitasking and updated features.

Consolor Concept

The most attractive feature about the Consolor is its capacity to support 8 players altogether. That sounds really tough to believe for one but very true that you and seven of your friends can get connected in a game via this console and enjoy a superb gaming experience. The wireless facility of the console too is strong enough to let the players transfer and receive files without any trouble.

Consolor Joseph Dumary

There are further more attractive things to name about the Consolor and one among those is its expandable memory capacity. For adding more storage capacity to the console in spite of its internal 500GB space, a SD memory card can be inserted in it and it gets good enough to support more storage capacity.

joseph Dumary Portable Consolor

Also, this device comes with a cartridge after being equipped with which the loading speed of the console gets enhanced. Some other amazing features of the console include its compatibility for internet surfing, television and radio features and emails. Not to forget, it will let you access other lucrative functions like video editing, photo and video uploading on Facebook and YouTube etc. Just one HD chip or cartridge is integrated in the console and it gets the capacity to keep you busy and pleased all the time!

Joseph Dumary Consolor

What is more appealing about this portable console is its TV out facility. The users will just need to connect the console to the TV or to the computer monitor through a HDMI port and the photo or video loaded in the console can be seen on the TV screen. That is not all; you will find it good to be operated too. The operating procedure of the console is just very simple and for accessing any of its functions like its menu or the recent activities, the user will only have to press its “I+” button.

All said and done, the look of the console cannot be left unmentioned. It comes in an aluminum shell and the glossy plastic cover over it keeps it shining all the way. It is just a concept and I wish it turns to reality….But, till that time you can check out 3 in 1 Gaming Console For The Old School Geek or buy the Ultimate Gaming Shirt.

Via: Concept-phones