Magnetic Hand Cursors Say the Right Thing

You just got yourself a brand new Fender Strat Guitar. To mark the occasion you take a cool picture of the electric guitar resting on a wall. You wish to put the photo up on your fridge and look around in your drawer for some magnet stickers. You find a couple of stickers that will suit your purpose, but somehow they do not go with the photo of your prized Stat guitar.

Meninos, the online store for niche products, has just the right thing for you. The store has in its possession magnetic stickers in the shape of the pixelated black and white hands that are ever present on our computer screens.

The magnetic ‘hand’ stickers from Meninos are a set of 12 popular hand gestures that need no language to translate. The stickers are an exact replica of the omnipresent pixilated hand with a black pixilated border running over white colored hands.

To stick up your Strat guitar picture, you could use a hand sticker that represents the ‘Rock On’ symbol (the thumb, index, and little finger pointed up with the other two fingers pointed down). This would immediately elevate the attitude quotient of your picture.

The hand stickers could be used for a variety of other gestures as well. If you had a really delicious meal at a local cafe, you could take a picture of a cafe and post it on your fridge with a ‘thumbs up’ hand sticker. This would let anyone visiting your place know how good the cafe is.

Or, if you have a sneaky roommate who constantly steals your stuff from the fridge, you could stick a note on the fridge warning your roommate of dire consequences (“You can have my food, I spit in it anyways.”) with a hand sticker that has the middle finger pointing up. Rest assured, your roommate will get the message.

You could also use the hand stickers to bring attention to an important piece of information displayed on the fridge such as a phone number or a message.

The hand stickers come in twelve different, universally recognized, hand gestures through which you can communicate how you really feel. Using these stickers to communicate would talk volumes of your coolness quotient especially among friends and your peer group.

If you feel you have read enough and now want to get your hands on the sticker set, you could log on to and order your set online by paying an amount of $7.50.

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