Haptic Reader Concept for the Visually Impaired

The Haptic reader is a breakthrough technological achievement that has ample chances of bringing about great changes in the life of all the visually impaired. Making use of a scanner, this reader is capable of converting a normal book into Braille text.

Scores of books are published every year around the globe. Book lovers are found in every corner of the world. Being visually impaired does not discourage reading. In fact a book can be capable of creating visions in the minds of the blind. But it is a sad fact that all books are not available in Braille. The numbers are limited. A book published in normal text may take some time before a Braille edition is released. In such a situation even though a reader is willing to read the book is not available.

This might not be the case any more if the Haptic Reader reaches the production stage and is floated into the market. The reader consists of a tablet that has an in-built scanner. When placed on a page the scanner scans the text of the page and converts it to Braille text. The Braille text can be felt on the upper surface and easily understood by the reader. In case of any confusion in the text there is also provision for an audio reader. On one hand it is possible to read the text while on the other the reader has the option of listening to the text. Having an audio option also makes it possible for more than one person to enjoy a book at one given time.

Not only is the text converted but it also saves all that it reads. A page like icon on the left hand side will display the book list of all that is saved in the Reader. The arrow icons enable scrolling through the list. The power button on the top of the Reader is used to turn on and turn off the device. When not in use the tablet can be left in the book to serve as a bookmark.

Though still a concept yet it cannot be denied that it is a great concept. To prove the brilliance of this idea the Haptic Reader has already been awarded the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). Credit has to be given to the researchers at Handong Global University and Keimyung University of South Korea who came up with the design and concept of the Haptic Reader.

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Via: Gadgetvenue