Enter The code.burningman.com To Discover The Tools And Software Of Burning Man

People interested in contributing their skills and new thoughts to the Open Source Community by participating in the development of the Black Rock City for Burning Man can now volunteer to come forward anytime.

Burning man

It is mainly to encourage the participants and to supply them with adequate technologies and ideas, the Open Source Community have decided to release certain codes and infrastructures. They are even making things easier for people by creating opportunities of developing the open source software and other things. The reason behind being so welcoming and cooperative of them is simply to arouse the urge of creativity among people and letting them build new and innovative software.

The procedures of being a part of the Black Rock City are just very simple and anybody can get registered to avail the Apache License. Once this license is granted to one, he/she is allowed to avail the software and APIs and get into the digital realm of the Black Rock City. Interested people therefore, are requested to enter this city on code.burningman.com. where exploring the hidden opportunities and the scopes of being creative will surely be easy for one. This site provides one with every required thing like software and APIs that will prove to be quite helpful in being a part of the open source community and Burning Man community.

Like thousands of volunteers who have already showed their great works and their innovativeness, other new participants too can devote their time and follow the guidelines to build an identity of themselves and their ideas. The Black Rock City therefore, is always vibrant and always sparking with new developments popping out of it.

Yes, it is true that without the people donating their ideas and creativity and, without the involvement of the smart brains the development of this city would have only been a dream. But at the same time it can also not be ignored that technologies played the key role in everything. It is the new technologies only that enabled the volunteers to turn their ideas into actions. So, the technologies, tools, software and APIs of the code.burningman.com really need to be appreciated.

Equally undeniable are the Ten Principles of Burning Man. It is the principles of the Burning Man like Radical inclusion, Radical Self-expression, Decommodification, Gifting and Communal Effort that have led to the development of a magical city like the Black Rock City. Without these principles and the software, the Black Rock City otherwise would have been a chaos with thousands of volunteers donating their views and ideas.

For those who love to use new software apps, here are some amazing software applications:


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