BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt Lets You Open Beer Bottles Anywhere

The creation of the amazing things is not yet over and that has been proved again by the recent amazing idea of the BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt and like many other times, this time too it is the Geeks who have done it.

BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt

A great thing for the alcoholic guys, this t-shirt can now make all friends get together at any time and any place without feeling the need to get a bottle opener because one will have it with him, right with his t-shirt! Attached in a black shirt, the tiny robot bottle opener lets one open a bottle of Benderbrau and Botweiser at an ease.

Either you call the ThinkGeek people crazy or masterminded, one thing will have to be admitted that they knows how to reflect perfection in just a simple thing. Could anyone think of something so brilliant? However, from one point of view their work should not be praised so much because by creating a shirt like this they are, in a way, encouraging people to go alcoholic. They could perhaps invest their time in thinking about something that encourages people to go tobacco and alcohol-free! But by not going deep into the impact of their creation, the innovative idea behind the bottle opener shirt truly has made jaws drop.

BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt  logo

A detailed look at this shirt may let us know further good things about its usability and attractive features. First things first, if you wear the shirt for special occasions like a party and all, it will get dirty for sure. So the question arises are – is it washable and is there any specific pattern to be followed for washing it? So, the good news is that this shirt can very easily be washed and for that you will just have to throw it into your washing machine. The best thing that has been noticed about this bottle opening shirt is that it is sold to customers aging 21 years and above only.

The person wearing it will just have to place the bottle or the cane into the hands of the robot attached in the shirt and tilt a bit and it opens the bottle in one try only! Good to be gifted to guys with a die hard craving for beers and all, the BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt will cost just $19.99. Well that sounds cheerful enough for the guys to shout CHEERS!!

BeerBot Bottle Opening

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