You Can Now Use Chat Emoticons Stress Toy to Relax You

Stress – how often have we heard this word around us? Quite often right? In fact sometimes it appears as if stress has become another name for life. Sounds quite unhealthy but is true. So what does one do to stay away from stress? It is not possible to get away from the day to day hassles of life but what can be controlled are ones attitude and the adoption of stress relieving methods.

A very common stress buster available in the market is a stress ball. No, it does not give you stress but on the other hand takes away your stress. One such stress ball has been brought to us by the very popular online artwork community DeviantArt. Their emoticons are well known to all and now eight of those have traveled into the real world. The complete set comprises two clear tubes containing four balls each and each ball bears a different expression. You just cannot keep yourself from smiling when you get to see these stress relieving emoticons. You may not even need to squeeze these to get rid of stress. The mere sight of these balls is enough.

It will not be a bad idea to carry these balls along to work. At home you can have them as articles of decoration since a good sight is always said to be soothing to the eyes and mind. And when you are peaceful inside it reflects in your behavior and work methods.

We have been talking about stress balls but exactly are they? These are malleable toys which usually do not measure more than 7cm in diameter. The balls are either made of foam rubber, or a covering containing gels of various densities or a thin membrane filled with some kind of powder.  Normally they are not spherical in shape but this depends upon the manufacturer what kind of shape it would like to give. There may be slight enhancements to make the ball visually appealing.

Though named stress balls these balls are also used as a physical therapy tool. Bearing the logo of a company it is often given away as a promotional gift from a company to its clients and also to its employees. The new DevianArt emoticon stress balls could serve as a perfect gift not only to employees but also for friends. After all you do not need to be angry or stressed out to own these very cute looking emoticons. If you want them just for the sake of having them go ahead and get the at Rs. 927.50.

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