Ex-time Watch Doesn’t Show But Project Time

An idea leads to an innovation and this applies to all subjects and objects that one can think of. Humans have witnessed many innovations in the past years and with the ever changing and evolving technology, the world has seen science fiction turn to reality.

How much style and innovation can one think of when it comes to a simple object like a watch? Take a look at Ex-time and you are sure to be left amazed. Young designer Rong Yang has come up with a new version of the wrist watch. Though it looks like a cool wrist band in black metallic color it contains all the necessary information required off a wrist watch, time and date, along with the fashionable edge to it.

A close examination of the watch would reveal two broad horizontal bands in the center, each one displaying a certain value. In the watch mode they display the hour and minutes. One vertical band that runs right across the entire strap displays the seconds. In the calendar mode the horizontal bands give the day and month while the vertical band is for the year.

On the four corners of the time and date bands are four small navigation buttons. The Switch button helps toggle between the date and time formats.  Settings, as the name suggest is for changing the watch settings and Ok is to save the changed settings. The last one, the Projector, is quite an interesting one. On pressing this button the in-built projector helps project the time on the hand or any other surface. So next time some one asks for the time you need not say it aloud, all you need to do is project it on a surface and let time speak for itself. In the dark this thing can turn out to be quite a fun thing.

Being on the receiving end of this watch is also beneficial. Many a times we ask someone for the time and we are given a round up time instead of the exact time. Ex-time will not let this happen. 7 hours and 3 minutes will not change to 0705 hours, for sure.

Ex-time is an awesome piece of concept but as of now it is still in the prototype stage. Like any other new proposed design this one too has issues to be resolved. For example, size of the wrist watch. However, let us hope for the best for this one would one of the first of its kind to be launched in the market, whenever it does.

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