The Wireless Building Block Lego Mouse

Once upon a time kids played with building blocks, painted coloring books, played outdoors, scrapped their knees, and didn’t know what a computer was.

Nowadays kids play videogames, scrap their knees only if they fall off asleep from the couch, connect with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and laugh at people who do not know what a computer is. To bridge the gap between the two eras we now have a computer mouse inspired from the cute and colorful building blocks.

If you grew up in a time before computers and wish to relive those simple childhood days, you are just a mouse click away. And by ‘just a mouse click away’ we do not mean a link to any website.

Perpetual Kid has designed a wireless mouse inspired by the building blocks that toddlers and kids played with. The Wireless Building Block Mouse has the exact same shape and texture of its toy cousin. The mouse is rectangular in shape with raised rounded studs, accompanied by right and left click buttons and a scroll wheel. A square line marks the left click button, which helps to distinguish it from the right click button. The Building Block Mouse comes in red, white, and blue: colors that building blocks usually come in.

Building blocks were designed and marketed for kids to encourage creative play. As the kids fixed different pieces of blocks together to form different shapes, they learn the basic principles of engineering and physics.

The Wireless Building Block Mouse may not teach you much about engineering or physics, but you can have loads of fun with it. The mouse is compatible with both, Mac and PC, and can be connected to a desktop or laptop. This means that you can carry the mouse to work or use it at home.

At work, the colored mouse can even make the most boring and mundane task seem like building blocks and having fun. At home, it could make your desktop or laptops look cooler with its unconventional design and color (for a mouse).

But, if you really want to have fun with the Wireless Building Block Mouse, get all three colors. Once you get all three, you could probably build blocks using the wireless ‘building blocks’ and get a kick out of it the way you used to as a kid.

The colorful, wireless mouse is definitely a collector’s item for all those of us who are still kids at heart.

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