Vetro Bluetooth Headset Redefines Elegance

The Bluetooth headsets available in the market have already been challenged and are in fact, on the verge of being defeated by the newly released Vetro Bluetooth headsets.

Vetro, a name that you will find 5 times better and usable than the standard Bluetooth headsets has been enhanced and equipped with such great power and capacity that saying no to it and that is too after going through its specifications will perhaps be the toughest thing for one. The best part is that through this Bluetooth headset you can be in connection with the phone up to a distance of 50 meters. Yes, by connecting it to any Callpod Bluetooth headset you can be in touch up to 84,000 sq ft. The features are not yet over and in fact, there are several other factors like it being compatible with most of the leading handsets and Smartphones and its easy to fix ear buds and so many.

The ear buds of the Vetro Bluetooth headsets are one reason that will let one wear it for hours without even feeling it for a second that he has a Bluetooth headset fixed to his ears. The reason for the Vetro being so good to wear is that this device weighs less than 1/2 an ounce with a measurement of 1/2” thin.

Together with that if the ear buds of a device are so good to wear and comfortable then who would like to be reminded of wearing a Bluetooth headset? The ear buds of this device are made of GummyGel material which leads to comfortable fitting within the ears by creating a mold of the inner ear. After pulling the buds out of the ears, it slowly goes back to its former shape.

The nameable specifications of the Vetro Bluetooth include Bluetooth 2.0, supports profile formats like Hands-Free 1.5 and Hands-Free Audio Gateway and it can even operate at a temperature of 0°C to +50°C. Well, for a device like this paying a few bucks of $99.95 only seem to be no pain at all.

The easy compatibility of the Vetro has made it the first choice of the users. When a device can be connected to a Callpod Bluetooth headset while at the same time being connected to a mobile phone then can there be anyone who can say no to a perfect device like this? That is why, Vetro is quite quickly making its position in the market and in no time it will surely be seen in your ears too.

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