Likea camera: what a fake!

Want to say hello to one of the world’s laziest cameras? If yes, this Likea camera that has copied the original Leica rangefinder pretty closely is the thing to watch.

Fake Likea camera

For 20 bucks, you can hold this cleverly engineered replica on cardboard and pretend to capture images just like you would have done with the real stuff. But prepare to run the other way round if someone asks you to show how well a snap you have taken!

Though the pinhole element is absent in this cardboard box replica of the Likea camera, you can’t complain given the peanuts that you need to shell out to hold this product. So, if you can’t resist the temptation to click on the sights and sounds around you, just give a free run to your imagination and let the divide between the real and the fake Likea get breached.

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Via: Engadget